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Our company philosophy is simple: We provide the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible prices to you, our customers, everyday.


So many people know so little about buying fine jewelry that it is easy to get "taken in" by the memorized recitations of jewelry store sales clerks. Customers end up leaving far too many dollars on the counter without really understanding what they've purchased. We've all witnessed the explosive growth of discount and mass merchandising houses which now have specialty jewelry departments. These retailers are interested only in high volume sales which allow them to remain profitable. They are in no way interested in  maintaining a relationship with you once you've made your purchase and left the store.

At The Gold Mine our approach is simple and direct. We don't have special "sales" only on certain days of the month, we don‘t embellish our showroom with expensive furnishings or lighting systems, and our small, but experienced staff doesn't work on commission. We simply provide you with the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible price anywhere in Hampton Roads.

We also want to provide you with some basic information which will help you become a better-informed customer regardless of where you make your final purchase. Reading and applying the guidance on our website will help get you started.

Diamonds in Virginia Beach

We now specialize internationally in the buying, selling and settling of estates, including fine jewelry, art and valuable possessions.


Call The Gold Mine today. You can depend on us as your personal jewelry professional.
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